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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can you send me a PRINTED catalogue or list of available items? No…sorry. We do not publish a printed catalogue or list. Our inventory turns over far too quickly. A printed catalogue would be out of date before it came off the press. The website (which shows a representative sampling of about 10% of our total stock) will give you a fair idea and approximate price range of most types of book. Call us once you have a general idea of what you might want, and we will discuss your options with you.
You use the terms; "folio", "quarto" and "octavo" …. What do these terms mean? They refer to the size of a book in terms of how many times the original sheets were folded and cut to fit into the binding. If folded once, the result is the largest of books, a "folio". A large pulpit Bible for example, is always a folio. If folded again (and cut of course, to allow the pages to open), the result is a "quarto". If folded and cut again, you have an "octavo" book. Even smaller books are called "12mo" and "16mo", etc.
What does blind-stamped mean? This is the term used for decorative designs sometimes filled in with gold leaf (gilt decoration). These designs were impressed onto the cover of a book by means of an engraved wood or metal stamp.
What is "The Genealogy"? If a Bible is listed as having a "Genealogy" present, this does not mean that it has some family’s personal history in it. It means that it has the finely engraved and illustrated 30-something page-long "Family Tree of Man". The interesting feature traces every generation from Adam and Eve … through Noah … through David … to Joseph, Mary, and Christ .. without missing a single generation!
What is "red-lining"? This does not mean someone has underlined their favourite passages! Red-lined (or red-ruled) means that a scribe was ordered to use a staightedge and a quill with red ink to do a decorative straight-line border around each page of the book. This was an expensive and time-consuming task popular in the 16th and 17th Centuries, especially in Bibles and Prayer Books.
Where are you, and do you have a shop? We do not have a shop but our bookstore is open to the public on an individual appointment basis. All books are stored at "Chilton Mount", and we will be happy to give directions to our premises upon request.


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